Career progression powered by AI

people are complex|jobs are complex|matching them is now simple

iungo learns how to win you jobs you'll be passionate about enjoy life, love your work

Digital Candidate Alias

iungo learns what makes you tick and creates a computerised alias of the living, breathing you - say goodbye to CVs.

Digital Job Alias

iungo learns the detailed characteristics of job / training / other types of opportunity and builds a digital specification of what is required of a candidate for them to thrive.

Intelligent Matching

iungo uses realtime market data along with candidate skills, experience, derived aptitudes, ambitions and personality traits to perfectly match candidates with jobs.

Life Ambitions

Where do you want to be in 10 years time? iungo helps clarify your long terms goals, then plots a path for you to reach them whether they be wealth, family time, zero commuting, early retirement or all of the above.

In Confidence

iungo crunches high volumes of data about people, jobs, working environments and market trends. This data is formatted for use by iungo's computer brain and as such is unreadable by humans and never shared.

Passion over Satisfaction

Job satisfaction in one thing, being passionate about what you do is another. iungo is on a mission to bring more pride and passion to your working world. is Open for candidates to register & to create profiles for future career opportunities & connections

If you are a client looking to recruit, please register your interest here for a demo of our unique capabilities & how we differ from any existing resource solution.